How to order

How to order online?

1. Select orders and add to cart desired items, make sure to select the correct item size if applicable.

2. Proceed to Checkout and input customer information for shipping.

3. Once Checkout is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with the total bill and orders indicated.

4. Send us payment to the following PHP account:

Account Number: ********1163

Full account number and name at checkout and confirmation email.

Please send proof of payment and your Order Number to our Viber number at
+63 939 903 9296 or Email to us at

5. Once full payment has been cleared in our bank account, we will process your order for shipping. Please note that shipping time may depend on location and other conditions. 

Are your gold jewelries pawnable?

We guarantee the gold karatage of items we sell and that all items have pawn value. Please note that pawn value depends on the item, pawn institution and can vary widely. Please note that some items have synthetic cubic zirconia, colored stones, onyx, spring mechanisms, and other non-gold components integral to its design which are factored into appraising pawn value. In this regard, we do not guarantee any fixed pawn value for an item as the appraisal can vary depending on the pawn institution. Should there be complaints with regards to the gold purity of items purchased, please present to us a valid test report from a testing institution and receipt of purchase from Mirage Jewels. We offer a 100% money back guarantee should our items not meet the gold karatage promised. We will not acknowledge any complaints based on verbal claims (e.g. “Sabi ng pawnshop 14k lang pero ang benta niyo 18k”). If any other institution is 100% certain of their claim against us, please obtain a written statement of their allegation.

Do you accept credit card payments?

We currently do not offer payment through credit card or e-wallets such as Gcash for online orders. Please be cautious of fake pages posing to be part of Mirage Jewels and solicit payment from you.

What is the shipping process?

Your order will be shipped through LBC. Payment cut-off time for Next Batch dispatching is 10pm on the day before. Orders with Payments received after 10pm will be dispatched with the second next batch. Unless otherwise announced, LBC Shipping is on Monday and Thursday, excluding holidays. For example, an order paid for on Tuesday 3pm will be shipped on Thursday; an order paid for on Friday 5pm will be shipped the following Monday; an order paid for on Thursday 11pm will be shipped the following Monday. Please visit the LBC Website for information on estimated lead times and freight forwarding schedules.

Can I order online and pickup from your shop? Can you deliver through riders?

For your security, we do not offer any shop pickup services. Please be cautious of fake pages who claim to be part of Mirage Jewels and offer pickup from our shop. Please visit our shop and transact at the shop directly if you wish to purchase items from our physical store.

Can I request for "actual" photos of items?

We ask for your understanding as we can send onhand photos of items ordered only after payment as items are stored at different locations and are sensitive. To prevent items from being misplaced or being damaged due to mishandling in our stockrooms, we can only gather items for an order once it is confirmed and paid for to minimize mishandling instances.

If you wish to see items in person before making a purchase, you may visit our shop so we can better accommodate you.